Last updated 1/28/2015.
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Jeep Commando

The Jeep Commando was manufactured between 1966 to 1973. From 1966 to 1971 the Jeep Commando had a front grille that resembled more like a CJ. In 1972, AMC changed the front of the jeep to look more like a passenger car. Sales fell and the Commando was discontinued after 1973. Because of the short time of production, the Jeep Commando is a rare, hard to find Jeep. A lot of people say the Jeep Commando looks a lot like the International Scout and the Ford Bronco.

In 1966, Jeep, then owned by Kaiser, launched the Jeepster Commando to compete with the Bronco and Land Cruiser. The Jeepster Commando was available only in three models: a convertible, pickup truck, and a wagon (like the Jeepster, this was a really cool looking vehicle in my opinion). The (Kaiser) Jeepster Commando stayed in production until 1969. In 1970 AMC bought Jeep from Kaiser, and then in 1972 AMC shortened the name to just Commando and changed the grill design to look more like that of a Bronco, but it didn't catch on. The Jeep Commando was taken out of production in 1973. Check out The American Jeepster Club for more on these cool Jeep spin-offs. 

It's funny because a lot of jeeps have been brought back to life or are a concept vehicle now.  I personally think the new jeep commander was brought back to replace the old commando.  Sometimes you just can not replace what is lost, but Jeep Parts new or used will definitely help.



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