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Jeep Commando Pictures

We get a lot of people sending us their jeep commando pictures.  Below are some we posted.  Please check back shortly for more.  We post the pictures when we get them.

1972 Commando
yellow jeep commandi 1972 Jeep Commando
1972 commando Jeep Commando, 4 Wheel Drive, manual 3 speed, V6 whit 42,000 miles in good condition.
1969 Jeepster Commando
Engine: 225 V6
Transmission: 3 Speed

1969 Jeepster Station Wagon

1969 Jeepster Commando
Engine: 225 V6
Transmission: TH400 Transfer Calse: Dana 20
Front Axle: Dana 44
Rear Axle: Dana 44
Modifications: Power Steering, Power brakes, 5:89 gears full spool spring over lift 35x12:50 pro comp tires .in the process of installing a 12 point cage
Engine: 225 V6
Transmission: 3 Speed
Transfer Case:
Front Axle: Dana 27 Rear Axle: Dana 44
Modifications: Basically stock.
1969 Jeepster

If you have a commando picture you would like posted on this web site, just email it over to us and we will add it.  You can contact us through the contact form at www.jrequest.com (buy and sell jeep parts)

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